Patera Walkerbuilding PenthouseNYC copy

Patera found a home high up in the Manhattan skyline, through Maison Gerard ( The $70million 6,000 square foot ‘Penthouse One’ in the Walker Tower, one of Manhattan’s most iconic Art Deco buildings, was described as a ‘Palace in the Sky’ by Sotheby’s Realty (GY49EP). Maison Gerard created an extraordinarily elegant interior for this stunning property which made it to number 5 in their “Top 10 Properties of 2015”. Other properties that made the cut included the $725million Waggoner Ranch in Texas and quite a nice 26 acre Island just of Key Largo, Florida for $110million. Not that money is everything, but the setting here is very fitting for this modern work in Sterling Silver.

Patera WalkerBuilding PenthouseNYC